Koschere Gerichte aus aller Welt


Fresh or deep-frozen kosher ready-to-eat meals in a double-vacuum kosher cook bag.

Cooked at the Restaurant TOPAS. Meals are packed individually or in larger servings. The meals can be heated in hot water, micro waved or heated in a steamer.

  • NumberArticleWeightPriceSubtotal
  • Stk.Barley soup200 gCHF 8.00CHF
  • Stk.Vegetable soup200 gCHF 8.00CHF
  • Stk.Matza ball soup200 gCHF 9.00CHF
  • Stk.Tscholent200 gCHF 9.00CHF
  • Stk.Pot roast in gravy180 gCHF 23.50CHF
  • Stk.Roast veal with sauce 180 gCHF 32.00CHF
  • Stk.Roast chicken200 gCHF 19.00CHF
  • Stk.Spätzli200 gCHF 8.00CHF
  • Stk.Rice200 gCHF 8.00CHF
  • Stk.Mashed potatoes250 gCHF 8.50CHF
  • Stk.Peas and carrots200 gCHF 8.00CHF
  • Stk.Challes80 gCHF 3.00CHF
  • Total: CHF

An additional choice is available on special order in advance only.
Shipping meals in Switzerland, same-day delivery, minimum charge SFr 50.–.